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Montezuma’s domain revenge : UDRP on king’s name was denied

Montezuma was an Aztec king, and the matching .com domain, Montezuma.com, was challenged in a UDRP. Registered in 2000, this generic domain is owned by Ashanti Plc, a Hong Kong based corporation. The Complainant was Quality Craft Industries, Inc. Complainant’s company, Montezuma Mfg., Inc., was established over 35 years ago for the business purpose of […]

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UDRP: Panelist rips Complainant a new one!

When it comes down to UDRP responses by panelists at the WIPO or the National Arbitration Forum, most appear to be formatted in a cookie-cutter “template” manner. Over the years, some panelists were even accused of copy/pasting their responses from prior cases, leaving back traces of those other UDRP decisions. But not this panelist. Houston Putnam […]

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