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Steaks and Tango: The ICANN party in Buenos Aires carries on

ICANN 48 continued today in Buenos Aires, and many of its participants are already facing a first world dilemma: eat more steak, or dance more tango? Argentina is famous for both; restaurants such as El Mirasol De La Recova, one of the best bar & grill steakhouses in Buenos Aires, attracts a healthy crowd of […]

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Your Father’s Internet: ICANN pushes for a shift in “the future of Internet governance in the world”

ICANN 48 is currently ongoing in Buenos Aires, Argentina. One of the primary issues on discussion, is the single most important question: Who gets to run the Internet? Currently, the Internet is the direct evolution of the US-created military network. The US still retains the supreme governing of it. Recent revelations on the PRISM mechanism, […]

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ICANN Collision Occurrence Management Plan retrieves Russian meteorite

A team of experts from the ICANN chapter of Collision Occurrence Management Plan team (COMPt), have responded to a distress signal by the Russian authorities. As Russia Today reports, the ICANN team was dispatched within 8 hours of the emergency that occurred at the Chelyabinsk region, in Russia’s Urals. “After traveling individually from various luxury […]

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