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ICANN posts annual report on payments to its directors

ICANN has published its annual report for the Fiscal Year 2014, covering the expense reimbursements and other payments made to its directors between July 1st, 2013 and June 30th, 2014: During FY14, there were seven face-to-face meetings for Board members, including four regular ICANN Meetings (Durban in July 2013, Buenos Aires in November 2013, Sinagapore […]

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ICANN financials: Released IRS Form 990 shows hefty expense increase

ICANN posted its 2013 financials tonight, in particular IRS Form 990 that displays its revenue and expenses for the fiscal year beginning 7/1/2012 and ending 6/30/2013. Domain investor, George Kirikos, pointed out that “the numbers don’t make sense.”   Indeed, ICANN is reporting a whopping $150,390,490 dollars in expenses – up from $69,576,791 the year […]

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ICANN salaries: How much money are the top ICANN officers making?

ICANN is currently pushing for change in the way things are managed on the Internet, and the introduction of gTLDs padded its cash reserves with more than $340 million dollars from gTLD application fees. With ICANN 50 coming up in June in London, UK, the focus on who gets to make decisions on core functions […]

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