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How Al Gore and Rod Beckstrom are connected

Former Vice President, Al Gore, took a sabbatical to the Greek islands of Heptanese, after losing the 2000 elections to George Bush. The sidekick to president Bill Clinton emerged several weeks later, sporting a full beard and having become an enlightened man. Having invented the notorious Information Superhighway – the reference to the public, commercial […]

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Verisign: Internet safe despite 5.9 Quake in Virginia

A 5.8 earthquake has hit the Virginia area, home of Verisign that commands two of the world’s 13 root nameservers. “There has been no noticeable disruption of the Internet”, said Nick Fadamidis – a spokesperson for Verisign. “Ever wonder where your money goes when you renew those domain names? Now you know, it goes to […]

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Al Gore: I didn’t invent Information Superhighway after all

The year was 1991 and near the end of the Gulf War crisis, the High Performance Computing and Communication Act of 1991, one of several computing developments initiated by then U.S. Senator Al Gore launched the existence of the notorious Information Superhighway. Almost twenty years later, Al Gore and his wife Tipper separate, after 40 […]

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