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IHOP drops lawsuit – IHOP.org safe for now

Less than 4 months ago, the world-acclaimed (in their own minds, anyway) International House of Pancakes sued a church in Missouri. The reason? The IHOP mark. The International House of Prayer used the same acronym for the church, which according to the lawyers of the waffle-maker restaurant was a violation of their “famous mark” rights. […]

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IHOP sues Missouri Church: Pancakes versus Eucharist

The world-famous International House of Pancakes – mostly known by the abbreviation “IHOP” – has done the unthinkable: They are suing a church over the use of its initials. IHOP serves thousands of pancakes from its celebrated lunch menu daily, and their numerous registered trademarks include: IHOP, IHOP Restaurant, Nobody does breakfast like IHOP does […]

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