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Made In Internet : 1999 domain finally gets vindicated on China’s Singles Day

China’s Alibaba, set a new global sales record on “Singles Day,” contributing to an eye-popping $25.4 billion dollars in sales in 24 hours. That’s a 40% increase over last year’s record. What is Singles Day? What started out as an informal holiday in China, to celebrate single people on a day that utilizes “1”: November […]

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Chinese domain market sales : Jack Ma of Alibaba praises quality of counterfeit goods

China‘s the 2nd largest economy in the world, and it’s a huge provider of consumer goods for Americans. For the holiday season, Chinese manufacturers create almost 80% of all consumer electronics sold in the United States. China is also a big producer of counterfeit goods, including fashion items such as handbags. In a shocking statement, […]

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