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Daryl says: Nukular disaster or war?

What’s up domainers? I hear that there’s some nukular disaster over there at Fukushima, Japan and people are battling it out with radiation and stuff. Fuk-u what? Then there is some carpet bombing in Libya, after mad dog Gaddafi decided that the Internet should not be free. Or something like that. Big mistake, towelhead. The […]

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Sahar Sarid buys Shakuhachi.com

Not content with being an expert player of the Japanese flute known as “shakuhachi“, domain investor and popular blogger Sahar Sarid is now investing in the ultimate keyword. “After selling Bido.com for umtillion dollars, I thought, what is life and why are we on this earth?”, says Sahar, smiling. “The universe is infinite and we […]

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