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The Web Address: Name.com rolls out weekly domain news videos

Remember Chef Patrick‘s videos about weekly domain news? That was a long time ago, and now Name.com seized the opportunity to produce The Web Address, a series of educational and entertaining videos focusing on current news about the domain industry, and more. Fusing humor with real news is mandatory, and Jared Ewy – a comedian […]

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Name.com: Angels lose their wings when you register crap domain names!

We’ve seen some pretty good commercials involving angels, but never before one related to the domain industry. So Name.com – one of the top domain registrars in phone responsiveness – had to create a fun video involving angels and crap domain names. The tag line, “every time you settle for a confusing domain, an angel […]

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Jared Ewy: A comedian who just so happens to work for Name.com

If you’re familiar with the entertaining videos coming out of the Name.com stable, then you’ve probably seen Jared Ewy – the Community and Social Media Evangelist. Jared’s primary role is that of the online voice of the company, who’s priding itself for its laid back, casual – yet effective – approach to the domain registrar […]

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