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Gambling #trademark : Tons of “188” #domains end up in #UDRP once again

Cube Limited of Isle of Man, the casino company targeting domain names that contain its trademarked “188” string, sent multiple domains to the UDRP process once again. Previously, several UDRPs were filed for “188 domains” and the biggest case involved almost 500 domains! This time around, the following list of domains was targeted: 188188600.net, 188188300.net, […]

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Huge #UDRP : Aggressive Complainant targets almost 500 “188 domains” at the #WIPO

Cube Limited of Douglas, Isle of Man, United Kingdom, has been enforcing its “188” trademark quite aggressively, by filing massive UDRP cases against domain holders. As we reported in the past, “188 domains” – domain names that contain the string “188” – are being targeted en masse, as they infringe on the Complainant’s trademarks related […]

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