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The FULL list of Zucchini domains not auctioned at Latona’s

This is a full list of all the great, amazing and absolutely nutritious Zucchini domains that you won’t find on auction at Latona’s. What’s more interesting is that these domains aren’t typos with dubious traffic and also aren’t subject to litigation. Unlike other bloggers, we are proud to have produced the full list of Zucchini […]

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Rick Latona: We will take Eyjafjallajokull down!

Following our article back in March, the tongue-twisting volcano atop the Eyjafjallajokull glacier now has a .com of its own. Currently causing a lot of trouble to air traffic controllers across Europe, the volcano atop Eyjafjallajokull won’t deter expert climbers, such as Rick Latona. Known for his recent ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro, Rick Latona is […]

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