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Non-com sightings in #NYC : It’s big dot .World out there!

Logan Flatt is spending the weekend in New York City; the busy domain investor celebrates his recent domain sales, among other things, with girlfriend Iris. Riding the New York City Subway can be an interesting experience. Logan knows that we keep track of non-com domains “in the wild” as an educational pastime, and he managed […]

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What is the commission fee percentage at the Uniregistry Market for BIN sales?

Logan Flatt’s recent sale of the domain ABCapital.com via the Uniregistry Market generated a lot of interest and responses. Logan has been testing the Buy It Now approach for a while, with excellent results. There seems to be some confusion regarding the fees Uniregistry Market charges for utilizing the BIN option. Fortunately, we dug into […]

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BIN domains : Logan Flatt scores another crazy ROI with sale of ABCapital.com

If you’re looking for a great example of domain BIN pricing, look no further than Logan Flatt. The Texan domain investor has been pricing his best domain names at the Uniregistry Market, with a “Buy It Now” price (BIN), based on his expert valuation of the domain keywords. This approach puts end-user domain buyers in […]

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Logan Flatt : Pro advice for newbies entering the domain market

Domain investor, Logan Flatt, scored a great sale with SmartMonday.com recently. The busy Texan has been sharing his modus operandi on how he negotiates with potential buyers, and his strategy is already influencing others. Still, newbies in the domain industry often have the false perception that domain investing is an easy task, without any inherent […]

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Smart Monday : Domain “snap” went from $69 to $14,488 dollars

Logan Flatt invests in domains, knowing that he can only sell them once. With that in mind, he approaches every inquiry with an end-user buyer in mind, and quotes prices accordingly. In February of this year, Logan bid $69 dollars on SnapNames, for the expired domain SmartMonday.com. According to DomainTools – the ultimate domain tool […]

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