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Hobi Michalec of Lumis : This is how I close #domain deals!

Domain broker, Hobi Michalec, can be on the go for days; the physically active broker loves to hike and snowboard in the mountains of Utah. As part of the Lumis team of expert domain brokers, Hobi strives to keep in touch with his numerous clients, buyers and sellers, no matter what. “Up in the Utah […]

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Domain UDRP : A four letter word you can’t say on the Internet

The most abominable, four letter word you cannot say on the Internet, or the domainer community, does not start with an “F.” “UDRP” speaks volumes in the domain name industry, and it stands for Uniform Domain Name Resolution Policy. A UDRP is the process by which a trademark holder petitions ICANN, the international governing body of […]

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