Marathons, China and geodomains: UDRP against domain failed

There are plenty of marathon races around the world, and it seems these days several companies take advantage of a purely geographical term, that of the Greek city of Marathon. If anything else, Marathon – or, Marathonas, in modern Greek – should sue each and every company making use of its historic locale. Apparently, there […]

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Greek domainers participating in the 32nd Athens Marathon race

The 32nd Athens Marathon takes place in Athens, Greece, tomorrow Sunday. Tagged as the “authentic” or “classic” marathon, it begins from the tomb of Marathon, where 192 Athenian soldiers were buried after the battle against the Persians, in 490 BC. This year, the Athens Marathon is expected to break new records, with more than 35,000 […]

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Domainer marathoner: Pushing the limits en route to success

Domain Shane is known for his Illinois plant nursery business, successful domain acquisitions and sales and last – but not least – his astounding endurance in 16 marathon races. Amazing as it might seem, that’s a lot of mileage; the official marathon distance is 26.2 miles or 42,195 meters. The Greeks were crazy to have […]

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Gracias amigos! references DomainGang

Back in November we wrote about how the web site is listed as the topmost result when searching for “42195” in Google. There are 42195 meters in a marathon race and the Spanish web site for marathoners occupies the much sought after #1 spot in Google for that keyword. Apparently, the operators of the […]

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With more than 3 million Google results, the number “42195” is not an ordinary number. For those of you not into the metric system, 42195 represents the number of meters in a marathon. Around the world, when the term “26.2k” isn’t used with reference to the number of miles in the distance of a marathon, […]

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Athens Classic Marathon: 2501 years later

Those that cannot understand the mentality of the Greeks have a lot to lose. One of the world’s most ancient and complex cultures survived aeons of battling enemies, foreign and domestic. With the economy being artificially suppressed by a throng of politicians and paper traders behind Manhattan cubicles, Greece is determined to survive yet another […]

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Domaining in 2010 – a gift from the Greeks

On September 12, 490 BC the battle of Marathon took place. About 10,000 Athenians, along with 1,000 Plataeans confronted a Persian army of tenfold strength and fought the most decisive battle in ancient history. Marathon is a plain in Attica, the peninsula that includes Athens and Piraeus – the main Athenian port since ancient times. […]

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