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McDonalds.com : Original registrant never got a dime for the #domain

McDonalds has always been popular with hungry people and that includes most domain investors. Despite its established footprint, McDonalds missed the dot com revolution by not registering the matching .com domain, McDonalds.com. In the summer of 1994 someone else did, and although the registration itself was free, it’s mind-blowing that an unauthorized party would somehow […]

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Billions Registered: The story of the original registrant of McDonalds.com

Joshua Quittner is an American journalist, having co-authored with his wife several books, including the non-fiction Masters of Deception: The Gang That Ruled Cyberspace and Speeding the Net: The Inside Story of Netscape and How it Challenged Microsoft. As a freelancer for Wired magazine, Quittner performed one of the earliest demonstrations of cybersquatting, by registering […]

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