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#Crypto mania : Mike Mann just sold the #domain #Kryptos .com

Domains related to crypto and cryptocurrencies are all the rage; Mike Mann just scored a possibly large sale for Kryptos.com. Signifying the original, Greek word for “hidden” or “unseen,” the domain Kryptos.com was most likely sold to manage a cryptocurrency or blockchain project. Knowing Mike Mann’s ability to achieve sizable sales, we’d expect this one […]

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From rags to riches: Mike Mann sells the .com

Mike Mann’s at it again; the hyperactive domainer and author of “Make Millions and Make Change” just sold the .com of a popular phrase, at a price that many domainers would consider impossible. The phrase “From rags to riches” returns roughly 3.3 million results in Google and while it’s not for everyone, it apparently describes […]

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