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Mini Doughnut Factory .com : Who gets the #domain name after the bankruptcy?

It’s a shocker: Chef Patrick’s famous Mini Doughnut Factory has closed permanently. Two years ago, we had the pleasure to taste the best mini donuts in Florida, prepared by partners in life and business, Patrick Ruddell and Zezura Ruddell. In late 2018, a series of lawsuits apparently put excessive strain on the former domainer’s business. […]

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Chef Patrick’s “Mini Doughnut Factory” biz gets nominated for a bunch of awards!

Chef Patrick has been baking some sweet mini donuts for a while now; the former domain investor, broker and blogger extraordinaire operates the Tampa-based Mini Doughnut Factory. Naturally, Patrick Ruddell’s hard work had to be rewarded. The Florida business he co-founded with Zezura is receiving plenty of accolades reserved for local businesses: “Mini Doughnut Factory […]

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