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Facebook removes profiles of Greek murderer and his victim

A violent murder that reached stratospheric publicity in Greece gained notoriety through Facebook, with more than 1500 comments posted on the murderer’s wall. Facebook removed the profiles of those involved – Stathis Eustathiou, the murderer and his victim, Adriana Gardikioti – apparently after the content was reported or at the request of the Greek authorities handling […]

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Murderer uses Facebook to confess crime and profess love

It’s a true Greek tragedy: blinded by jealousy for his 22 year old girlfriend from Kastoria, Greece, a 35 year old event manager butchered her with a knife, then disposed of her body in the cold lake waters. Stathis Eustathiou then confessed his crime on Facebook, where he posted the following: “To Adriana Gardikioti: I […]

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