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Media Options : Latest #domain sales and acquisitions including BestPapa.com

Media Options is ultra busy engaging active bidders on a variety of domain bidding platforms, right in the heart of summer. The brain child of Drew Rosener acquires, sells, and brokers premium domains such as MUX.com. So which domains has Media Options bought and sold recently? Drew is a proud papa, but by the looks […]

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MUX.com : #Domain was sold in installments, for up to “six figures”

Owning a three letter domain such as MUX.com can be a pricey experience, but it doesn’t have to be a single payment transaction. MUX.com is owned by MUX, a video streaming technology company. MUX acquired MUX.com, an LLL .com, on a “start-up budget.” At the beginning, the company used MUX.co, a domain they spent $1,200 […]

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