Domain Crime : added to list of stolen domain names

A brazen theft of domains we covered yesterday, has a new addition; the domain is currently stolen as well., the domainer-friendly law firm, has been retained on behalf of their legitimate owner to take all steps necessary for their immediate return. All currently listed domains were stolen from an eNom account, and were […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. : GoDaddy retrieves stolen domain with order from Verisign

It’s a routine repeated more often than a ballet pirouette, these days: Unscrupulous cybercriminals from China, using phishing techniques, steal domains – primarily from GoDaddy – and transfer them to Ename, a Chinese domain marketplace and registrar. Once there, the process of reclaiming these domains is a painful reprisal of a practice that GoDaddy has […]

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Alert: Stolen domains,, were moved to Ename

No sooner did we announce the declaration of February 1st as National Punch a Domain Thief Day, and a group of domains was reported as stolen. The domains, and were removed unlawfully from their owner’s GoDaddy account, and were transferred to the usual destination: the Chinese domain registrar and auction market place, […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. update: Bodis pulls the plug on stolen domain’s parking revenue

Chinese domain thieves stole the domain, moving it away from GoDaddy and to registrar Ename. In order to exploit its apparent massive traffic related to playing online games, they parked it at PPC traffic monetization company Bodis. After the legitimate owner of the domain contacted us to report the domain theft, we reached out […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. – Another stolen domain name ends up at Chinese registrar Ename

The owners of the domain name alerted us that the domain has been stolen from their GoDaddy account, sometime in late December. Presumably targeted for its use as a short, easy to remember repository of free online games, was stolen not too long after it was renewed for a period of 10 years. […]

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Domain name hijacking: How to slam the door on potential thieves

This year we’ve seen an exponential increase in domain name hijacking and theft, all thanks to a requirement by ICANN for registrars to verify WHOIS information. Domain theft is rampant in countries that the US legal system cannot comfortably reach, such as China and Russia. What can domainers do to prevent the loss of their […]

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Breakthrough in stolen domain case revealed

The owner of a domain name that has been stolen relayed us the good news: the domain’s fate has been sealed, pending the Registrar’s compliance with a court decision. Although at this point the domain is still showing the contact info of the domain thief, it has been ‘frozen‘ at the Registry. Considering the time […]

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Alert: is a stolen domain name – do not buy!

The domain name has been reported as stolen by its owner, Australian domain investor Rod Seeber, who talks about “Babes, Cars and Guitars” from As most domain thefts that occurred in 2014, was registered at GoDaddy, from where it was unlawfully transferred out yesterday, according to DomainTools. The thief transferred it out […]

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Alert: is a stolen domain name

We were alerted by the owner of that the domain has been stolen. The incident appears to have taken place last week, and the domain was first pushed to another GoDaddy account before being transferred out to Chinese domain registrar, Ename is notorious as the destination registrar of choice for stolen domain names, […]

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Domain stolen at eNom; Registrant wants “to die” over the loss

An emotionally charged thread over at Web Hosting Talk (WHT), unveils the unnecessary saga domain owners endure, in order to reclaim ownership of stolen domains. User “crazysheep118”, whose first language doesn’t appear to be English, stated: “my domain been stolen in enom . the hack stolen my enom account first .and push all my domains […]

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