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Domain news aggregator summaries shrank down to Tweet size!

Popular domain news aggregator, Domaining.com, has given its contributing posts a “shrinkage” down to less than Tweet size: 135 characters. That’s 5 characters less than Twitter, and a big drop from the previous limit of roughly 335 characters, which allowed domain bloggers to present content that engages readers. The new format will appeal to catchy […]

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Domain News Aggregators : What is going on with NameBee ?

NameBee, the domain news aggregator, has been down for several days now. Displaying simply an error and no content, the NameBright owned service is clearly facing some technical issues: “HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.” Perhaps due to a misconfiguration or some other glitch, and hopefully not offline for good. Other popular domain news […]

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Accident or censorship? Spicy title gets blocked at Namebee

While we consciously try to use post titles that are short, effective and PG-13 there are times that certain words have to be used. 😉 Hence the post about Rick Schwartz’s adult domains from earlier today; the title contained the word “porno“. The post does not appear in the RSS feed timeline of Namebee – […]

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