Leonardo da Vinci : Italian painter’s descendant pays Adam Strong a visit over domain name

A old, bearded man knocked on the door of domain investor, Adam Strong, this past Tuesday, his balding head barely covered in long, grey hair. Initially, Adam thought the man was a poor beggar and was getting ready to give him some money, when the man interrupted him abruptly. “I don’t want your money, I […]

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New NameBio database: 245,000 domain sales totaling $1.2 billion dollars!

NameBio, the domain sales research tool, has launched a redesigned web site, greatly improving on its search features. Adam Strong, owner and president of Strong, Inc., stated that NameBio.com users will experience an enhanced mobile web site, accuracy in comparable sales details, and more than twice the number of new domain sales added on daily […]

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Historical domain sales tool NameBio hits the chopping block

Since about 2007, NameBio.com has been an indispensable domain tool that provides information on domain sales. One can search the NameBio database for parts of a domain or by TLD, and view historical data about how much it was sold for and when. According to the web site: […] NameBio.com The searchable domain sales index. […]

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