Richard Lau interview: NamesCon will benefit domain investors and domain industry’s future

Richard Lau is shifting the domain conference paradigm, introducing NamesCon / Las Vegas in January 2014, with a feature-rich agenda in the ever-changing domain investing landscape. Extending the available knowledge and education of the domain industry’s dynamics at an affordable price, is a winning combination, that serious domain investors should not let pass by. The […]

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Polyphemus: New ‘one-eyed’ gTLD service from Frank Schilling

With the expected proliferation of new gTLDs, new consultancy companies are popping up daily; the rate is exciting for the angel investors of the Silicon Valley. Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry is apparently moving to a brand new building in California; the extra space is much needed in order to house all of the 54 gTLDs that […]

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Domain conference NamesCon opens its gates offering a ‘crazy’ early bird price of $199

NamesCon aims to be the biggest upcoming domain conference of 2014, taking place in Las Vegas between January 13 – 15, 2014. Richard Lau, pioneer domain entrepreneur and CEO of several online ventures, including the Water School charity, announced the opening of “early bird” registrations. The early bird pricing: a “crazy” $199 per person! Registrations […]

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