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UK Court on Yoyo Email Ltd. UDRP decisions : Unable to appeal

The last time we heard from the illustrious Yoyo Email Ltd. with regards to UDRP decisions, was in late July, in the case of 118500.email. Since then, the British company carried on with several additional UDRP cases – all lost – notably for these domains: Qualcomm.Email – Lost to Qualcomm Inc. Equifax.Email – Lost to […]

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Yoyo company adds more “medals” to its UDRP collection

Admittedly, we have lost track of how many UDRP cases have been brought against Yoyo Email Ltd., the British company which a “vision” to register almost every company’s trademark and brand in dot .Email. We have documented seven UDRP decisions, and there are more to go, because Yoyo Email Ltd. has registered about 4,000 dot […]

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Yoyo Email Ltd shatters UDRP record with new trademark violations

Yoyo Email Ltd. has been bouncing its UDRP record to new highs, with a 7th UDRP in 2 months’ time. Having registered 4,000 dot .email domains that are mostly linked to trademarks and brands, the rain of UDRPs against the British company has turned into a storm. The situation is so bad, that panelists at […]

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