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Aussie investor, Sidney Feelmore, bitten by ‘rabid’ domainer

Australian domain investor and multi-level farmer, Sidney Feelmore, was in the Royal Hospital in Queensland, Australia yesterday, following an unfortunate confrontation with a former customer. Grimacing from pain after being treated for several bites, Feelmore was given a tetanus shot and a hefty round of antibiotics. “Crikey, got some serious marks on me hand, mate, […]

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Sidney Feelmore: Dot com domains and gTLDs suck the tits of Aussie names, mate!

Australian domain investor and frequent mile flyer, Sidney Feelmore, minced no words on Thursday, as he got off the plane from attending Domain Europe in Valencia, Spain. “I’ve seen, and I use the word loosely, some pansy domainers tinkle with those cockies, the gTLDs. It’s absolutely remarkable to me that domainers can crack a fat […]

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