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NicheWebsites.com : Has Adam Dicker sold off this domain asset?

Adam Dicker’s “niche web sites” venture closed down a while ago; the domains NicheWebsites.com and NicheWebSite.com remained live until last month. According to DomainTools, both domains were moved to Uniregistry in late October, from the previous domain registrar. Although neither domain resolves, this registrar transfer indicates a sale of domain assets has occurred, and both […]

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DomainSherpa : Videos of Adam Dicker removed from web site

Domain Sherpa founder, Michael Cyger, removed all videos featuring domain investor Adam Dicker from his web site, DomainSherpa.com. The videos span dozens of hours of domain reviews, discussions and interviews with the Canadian domainer, going back to 2013. There was no related announcement regarding the removal of those videos by Cyger. Following week-long allegations of […]

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