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Just don’t do it : Turkish dotless “i” involved in Nike domain UDRP

The use of a Turkish “dotless” letter “i” was recently the center of a UDRP brought forth by Nike, Inc. The domain in question, Nıke.com, resembles “Nike” but is in fact an IDN, or Internationalized Domain Name. Nıke.com was parked with a zero click lander leading to Google results about Nike; the world-famous corporation filed […]

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Nike victorious : 20 year old Romanian domain lost in UDRP

Famous trademarks maintain their authority, especially when they have gained incontestability status, such as Rick Schwartz’s “Domain King®” mark. Nike® is one such famous trademark – although we could argue about how the Greek goddess of victory became a protector of sports shoes. Regardless, Nike® is a famous, strong brand and the company used that […]

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Four letter domain Nlke.com lost in UDRP

When you register a domain that looks like a famous trademark due to visual similarities of the letters, at least don’t park it or offer it for sale. The famous Nike mark is indisputable, along with the assorted “swish.” The shoe and sports apparel company went after the domain name nlke.com (NLKE.com in all capitals) […]

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