$15 million dollar sale — Quick chat with the original #domain registrant

The domain was reportedly sold for $15 million dollars in a transaction utilizing the services of Although the buyer remains anonymous for now, two additional parties participated in the negotiations: GoDaddy and, a new brokerage spearheaded by Ian Garner, formerly of GoDaddy. Who sold the domain for $15,000,000 dollars? That isn’t […]

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The domain auction for closed earlier today on DropCatch, achieving what appears to be the highest sale of a L-LL .com ever. Consisting of a letter, a dash, and two letters, sold for $32,460 dollars. That’s thirty grand and some change. Visually, if one were to remove the dash, spells out NFT, […]

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Is the NFT craze a “pyramid scheme” of sorts?

NFT collectibles mixing art and childhood cards are rolling platforms such as OpenSea with millions of dollars in daily transactions. The bag of winds opened up with the introduction of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, enabling transactions to occur outside of the regulated banking system. Non-fungible tokens and their appeal to tens of thousands of aspiring […]

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Global #NFT mania and the Domain King

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are all the rage among the tech-savvy, and some domain investors have been following the current trend. Millions of dollars in art and sports collectibles have been traded using the NFT approach, that registers the value and the person holding the asset onto a digital ledger, aka blockchain. With all that […]

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Million Dollar Home Page : The original NFT for #domains and web sites

When Alex Tew came up with the Million Dollar Home Page way back in 2005, it was a silly idea to crowdfund “pixels” on a screen. By tokenizing the participation of web site and domain owners who’d pay for 10×10 pixel blocks, Alex Tew’s brilliant idea generated a lot more than the $1,000,000 dollars its […]

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