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Chinese economy to blame: 25.com did not sell

In the US, people keep on talking about the bad economy but China – the world’s emerging market and creator of technology – is much worse; the yuan is artificially devalued. It appears that the prospective Chinese buyer of the domain name 25.com, wasn’t backed with cash, after all. The $1.5 million offer made on […]

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Is the $1.5 million dollar bid for 25.com legit?

The domain name 25.com has been in the limelight recently, not because of its extreme numerical value as a two digit .com. Owned by T.J.Demas, an Internet entrepreneur with a notable affiliation to numerology, 25.com has allegedly received a bid of $1.5 million dollars. That bid, placed on Cax.com – the domain auction marketplace operated […]

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Silly .me! Montenegro’s little known restriction

It sounds rather silly, but the quite popular ccTLD and vanity TLD of Montenegro – dot .me – imposes a little known restriction to registrations. When someone attempts to register a dot .me domain that consists of more than four digits, or more than four digits and dashes, the following message appears, in perfect Balkanized […]

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