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Why I ate a bucket of Nutella while on NameJet

Using NameJet to sell domains is a nail-biting experience. Let me tell you, I wasn’t this nervous when as a teenager my best friend’s mom made me a man. Watching bids blink across the screen one after another, from NameJet giants such as “First” and “TwoTwo” made my stomach clench. As a domain investor, it’s […]

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Ferrero ready for .NUTELLA – Craving some gTLD sweetness?

Ferrero Rocher, the Italian makers of numerous chocolate desserts, including the world-renowned Nutella, are bringing sweet surprises by Christmas. The Ferrero gTLD application for .NUTELLA isn’t surprising; Amazon did the same for .KINDLE and other products. But it’s not a closed, defensive application, as Ferrero plans to start a worldwide campaign, to restore its name […]

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Dip into Nutella with Rust Consulting of SnapNames rebate fame!

Remember the Hank Alvarez scandal that rocked SnapNames in November of 2009? The shock and awe was managed by a Minneapolis corporation, Rust Consulting, that successfully performed “damage control” on behalf of the then Oversee company. By issuing a series of rebates, most – if not all – domainers affected by halvarez and his shill […]

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