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Sex.com case lawyer to get “FU” made out of $211,223.04

Back in June, we wrote how an argument between The Oatmeal and the Funny Junk owners ended up involving Charles Carreon, the lawyer who became famous for his role in reclaiming the stolen domain, Sex.com, in the mid 90’s. Carreon asked for $20,000 for his client, in order to settle an alleged case of defamation; […]

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Oatmeal in hot waters as Funnyjunk hires Sex.com case lawyer

The Oatmeal creates original comic artwork with an admittedly caustic sense of humor. Meanwhile, Funnyjunk is an online repository of anything funny, reposted by its users. In other words, while The Oatmeal creates content, Funnyjunk replicates it; these are two opposingly different business models. A while ago, The Oatmeal owner discovered a large number of […]

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