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Chef Patrick about to launch new ‘Creative Labs’ venture

Not content with spear-heading the Science Fiction project a while back, Patrick Ruddell – or Chef Patrick as he’s known to most domainers – is about to launch a brand new project that appears to be related to brand generation. A wise man once said, “give a man a domain and he will be happy […]

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Ten Years Together: Sedo and Chef Patrick celebrate

Big news this week: It’s the 10-year anniversary of Sedo’s existence! It was early in 2001 when the “Search Engine for Domain Offers” became Sedo and formed as a company in Germany, using the domain Sedo.de It would take three more years, until February of 2004 for the .com to be purchased from a gentleman, […]

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Chef Patrick overworked at Oversee, says wife

In case you’re wondering what’s going on with Chef Patrick these days, he’s slaving away at Oversee Central in South Florida. According to our sources, the Chefster misses the good old days of shooting weekly shows, those with the female presenters that had a bust size larger than IQ. “Patrick is exhausted from all the […]

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Chef Patrick: A Modern Christopher Columbus

Today in the US we celebrate the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus in 1492. While it seems like a long time ago, modern day adventurers are still sailing the friendly waters of the Caribbean and the Gulf of Florida, eager to explore hidden coves and uncover lost treasures. The discovery of an […]

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Zezura to the rescue: Wife takes over ChefPatrick.com

When Chef Patrick was hired by Oversee to take over their social media kitchen, we all wholeheartedly wished him good luck. Already in South Florida, the Chefster is busy mixing the spices and getting his arms deep into the Oversee mayo – all while his blog sighs and sniffles in a corner, feeling all left […]

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Five Questions for Chef Patrick – Newly Hired Cook for Oversee

What’s not to like about Chef Patrick? The best thing about Patrick Ruddell, is his demeanor. It would take an army of people with Tourette’s to make the guy flinch. It usually takes one hot chick from his weekly videos at ChefPatrick.com to make him visibly excited. His upcoming domainer cruise in October was met […]

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