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Honoring the Pearl Harbor fallen : David J. Castello’s article on the Day of Infamy

Pearl Harbor was hit by Japanese airborne forces on this Day of Infamy, 75 years ago. More than 2400 men and women were killed in the attack that sent the United States into World War II. Many books have been written about the surprise attack that targeted the US fleet, but the movie “Pearl Harbor,” […]

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Disney does not care about the Pearl Harbor legacy and its veterans

As we posted two years ago, Disney holds the domain name PearlHarbor.com hostage, for more than a decade. Disney, producers of the movie ‘Pearl Harbor’, used to forward this premium geodomain to a sales page advertising the DVD of the movie. At some point, the URL forwarding stopped and the domain PearlHarbor.com currently displays a […]

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Disney holds Pearl Harbor dot com domain hostage for a decade!

Today’s date marks the 70th anniversary of the attack against the American fleet stationed in Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. The day of infamy, December 7th, 1941 marked the official entry of the United States of America in World War II. That important and historic location in Hawaii returns a hefty 30 million results in […]

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