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DirectNic dropped arch-spammers Talkwithwebvisitor.com and fake sender “Eric”

Domain registrar DirectNic has dropped Talkwithwebvisitor.com, an arch-spammer of stupid emails spread like Covid-19 virus around the Internet. Thousands of emails from eric@talkwithwebvisitor.com are sent non-stop for months. Prominent email abuse tracker, Stop Forum Spam has recorded reports of more than 2,500 individual emails from numerous IP addresses that send the same moronic email out. […]

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Russian domain spammer targets owners of LLL .co domains

A serial domain spammer from Russia is targeting owners of LLL .co domains. Spamming every iteration of LLL is a practice many Chinese spammers have done for LLLL .com and NNNN .com domain owners. Now this idiot from the IP – we call them phucksticks – sends this email en masse to all LLL […]

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