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Three times a charm: #Pornhub brand squatter loses another #UDRP

A Pornhub domain cybersquatter has lost his 3rd UDRP in a row, this time for the typo-domain Porhub.com. Having lost the UDRP for Pornhub.CO and Ponrhub.com, the inevitable happened, and the Complainant filed another UDRP. In his response, the Respondent asserted that they should not be targeted, if others are doing the same: “The major […]

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#Pornhub typosquatter paid a small fortune for #domain but lost the #UDRP

The typosquatter of a Pornhub domain paid a small fortune to acquire it. The registrant of Ponrhub.com alleges he spent 7,241 EUR in late 2018 to get the domain in the aftermarket – about $7,946 USD. In the ensuing UDRP filed by Licensing IP International S.à.r.l., the Respondent claims that he forwarded the domain to […]

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