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Dot .Blows registry to increase #domain fees 10-fold in 2020

It’s “going against the grain” for controversial new gTLD Registry, dot .Blows. The startup funded by MIT and Princeton dropouts announced that they are increasing base fees for domain names in 2020, tenfold. “Coronavirus has caused a lot of collateral damage in the industry, and we aren’t going to just lay down and suck it […]

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#Verisign stock soars, as dot .COM Registry prepares for quarterly report

Verisign, managers of the .COM TLD, are getting ready to release quarterly data, reporting financial performance for the year so far. The report will be shared in an upcoming audio conference on April 23, next week. When that announcement was made, Verisign stock was trading at $181 dollars a share. Today, VRSN soared and closed […]

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ICA : Let #ICANN know you oppose dot .COM price hikes by #Verisign

The Internet Commerce Association has created a tool for comment submissions, that notifies ICANN of your opposition to upcoming .com price hikes. Verisign, managers of the .com (and .net) domain space, are planning to raise the base cost of dot .com domains by 7% annually. According to the email from ICA, the price increases benefit […]

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