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GoDaddy moves to reCaptcha system; the changes break domain WHOIS links

GoDaddy has given up its custom-made captcha system, used for the WHOIS queries page. After years of using a proprietary system to confirm the function is performed by a human, and not by “unscrupulous spammers,” GoDaddy moved to reCaptcha. The system is widely used by many companies, including DomainTools. There is, however, a small problem: […]

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DomainTools : The only time the WHOIS captcha would fail

Using DomainTools to look up the WHOIS information of domain names is a snap. The oldest domain research tool that provides WHOIS data on millions of domain names, is a very busy destination on the Internet. With an Alexa traffic rank of 2,000 DomainTools relies on the use of a slow down mechanism to prevent […]

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Google reCAPTCHA breaks down taking several dozen services with it

After logging in and querying dozens of domains today via DomainTools, it became apparent that something was wrong with the reCAPTCHA function. Simply put, there was no captcha form, and no way to look up any more domains after we hit the daily allocation limit. This isn’t the fault of DomainTools, however, as the reCAPTCHA […]

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