Domain resurrection: Registerfly becomes ICANN-accredited .CN and .Asia registrar

The domain registrar associated with a mini scandal in the late 2000’s is back, having cleansed itself from its sinful past. Registerfly was once a popular – and affordable – domain registrar, that attracted thousands of domainers; at the time of its untimely demise, there were several million domains under management. After the domain expired, […]

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Dropped and caught: Who swatted the register fly? – the former ICANN accredited registrar who dissolved as part of a financial scandal in 2007 – is alive! The domain expired, was deleted and was re-registered seconds later by an automated service. While some expected NameJet to be the auction platform, others put their money on SnapNames and Pool. Neither of those domain […]

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RegisterFly – the former domain registrar that was delisted by ICANN in 2007 – is about to end its own life-span. The RegisterFly scandal was a mix of misappropriated funds, escort expenses and other financial turmoil caused by its executives. You can read more about it here. Meanwhile, the domain has entered the NameJet […]

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