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Retweet is now a registered trademark of Twitter

Domain investors take notice: Twitter has registered “RETWEET” as a mark with the USPTO. The trademark registration process began way back in 2009, with an “intent to use” (ITU) filing for the following classes and use: Class 41: Providing on-line journals, namely, blogs featuring user-defined content Class 45: Online social networking services; providing a website […]

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Did the Retweet.com buyer blow $250,000 ?

The news of Retweet.com selling for a quarter of a million dollars on Flippa, six months ago, came as an indication that start-ups are willing to invest serious money in domaining and social media. As we mentioned back then, the existing trademark applications at the USPTO complicated things about which company – other than Twitter […]

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Who Bought Retweet.com for $250k – Are they ready to face the Trademark Squad?

A solid domain & underlying technology sale has been reported on Mashable and announced by DNN; the sale occurred on Flippa – a selling platform that mainly caters to developed web sites. The apparent sale – which still needs to be confirmed – was for a staggering $250,000 dollars. A bidder took advantage of the […]

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