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Rick Latona: We will take Eyjafjallajokull down!

Following our article back in March, the tongue-twisting volcano atop the Eyjafjallajokull glacier now has a .com of its own. Currently causing a lot of trouble to air traffic controllers across Europe, the volcano atop Eyjafjallajokull won’t deter expert climbers, such as Rick Latona. Known for his recent ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro, Rick Latona is […]

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Rick Latona competitor launches new minisite firm: WZGJC.com

In the aftershock caused by Rick Latona‘s pullout from the minisite development market, a new company – led by former ally and bitter competitor, Mince Hoke, has launched a similar service. The company is called WZGJC.com – and while still in beta it’s already accepting orders from panicked domainers who have been using the services […]

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Rick, this is Rick – Check out Rick at the podium!

Rick Schwartz announced today the name of the guest speaker at TRAFFIC / NY. It’s no other than CNN anchor, Rick Sanchez. With this selection of a guest speaker, Rick Schwartz causes mass confusion among the domainer participants of TRAFFIC. That’s 3 Ricks on the TRAFFIC team: Rick Schwartz, Rick Latona and now Rick Sanchez. […]

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