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Dear Santa : My Domain Name Has Been Stolen – Part Three

It’s rock’n’roll time for Australian domain investor, Rod Seeber. Three months after his domain 6462.com was stolen from a GoDaddy account and was transferred to Ename unlawfully, GoDaddy has gotten it back. Imagine, losing parking revenue or traffic for 90 days, on top of all the anguish from dealing with the domain theft! As before, […]

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GoDaddy yanks formerly stolen domain 6462.com back from Ename!

Last December, we covered the brazen theft of the domain 6462.com from a GoDaddy account. The domain was transferred unlawfully to the Chinese domain registrar, Ename and despite GoDaddy’s requests, Ename refused to return it. Its Australian registrant, domain investor Rod Seeber, reached out to us back then for assistance with exposing the theft, and […]

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Alert: 6462.com is a stolen domain name – do not buy!

The domain name 6462.com has been reported as stolen by its owner, Australian domain investor Rod Seeber, who talks about “Babes, Cars and Guitars” from Rod.tv. As most domain thefts that occurred in 2014, 6462.com was registered at GoDaddy, from where it was unlawfully transferred out yesterday, according to DomainTools. The thief transferred it out […]

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