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RonJeremy.com disappears after porn actor Ron Jeremy is hit with rape charges

Legendary porn actor, Ron Jeremy, has been charged with serious charges of rape against four women. His lawyer, Stuart Goldfarb, quoted “The Hedgehog’s” 40 year tally with women at 4,000 as “proof” of his innocence. Obviously, Judge Miguel Espinoza didn’t agree, setting Ron Jeremy’s bail at $6,600,000 dollars, casting a different light at Ron Jeremy’s […]

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Ron Jeremy in hospital after Kim Kardashian announcement on Webfest

Legendary adult film performer, Ron Jeremy – also known as “the Hedgehog” – was hospitalized earlier today, with an aneurysm near his heart, his second most valuable organ. “Ron is in surgery right now, and in good hands,” said the medical spokesperson of the Los Angeles Memorial Hospital, where Ron Jeremy drove himself, after suffering […]

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XXX.com and the Church of Porn Addicts

Not only is Sex.com currently on sale via Sedo but also another precious adult domain name is available to the next domain porn king. XXX.com is being brokered by Moniker for a few cool millions. The triple-X acronym represents the ultimate in adult rating, with one “X” being indicative of adult content and three “X”‘s […]

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