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Domainers need to know : Where in the world is Matt Cutts?

Matt Cutts, head of search spam at Google, is on a long sabbatical that many SEO specialists perceive as permanent. During the tenure of Matt Cutts, Google launched Penguin and Panda; these updates turned the world of search engine optimization and discoverability of domains and web sites upside down. It’s true: The Google Wolf 1.0 […]

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Sahar Sarid: Pearl diving among domains

Domain investor and entrepreneur, Sahar Sarid, might be spending most of his time inside large bodies of water, but he’s definitely not vacationing. After taking a long sabbatical that involved such diverse thrill-seeking activities as diving in Phuket, or joining the Hare Krisna, Sahar is now actively looking for pearls. Literally. “Every day I take […]

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