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Sarah Palin’s Trademark application gets refused – Domain not used

You’d expect better organizational skills from a person who aspired to be Vice President of the United States of America. Former VP candidate and former Alaska governor, Sarah Palin applied for a trademark for her namesake, “Sarah Palin” back in November of 2010. The controversial Republican filed for a trademark for the following classes: IC […]

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Redesigned? Top-heavy GoDaddy Website offers less eye candy

It’s well-known that Bob Parsons likes his women young, intelligent and top-heavy. That’s why GoDaddy’s girls have been featured prominently on the GoDaddy.com web site. The usual GoDaddy commercials during the Superbowl also promote the juicy assets of GoDaddy’s girls, in a manner so provocative that makes Hooters girls look like innocent kitties. Ever since […]

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