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Poll: Where in the world is Nelson Brady?

It appears that the noise surrounding the Snapnames / Halvarez scandal has completely disappeared from the domaining airwaves – much like Nelson Brady a.k.a. Hank Alvarez himself. While we can only speculate on the ongoing relationship between the named perpetrator and his former employer, it appears that there is some sort of agreement between the […]

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Domain Grandma lost a fortune at Snapnames auctions

Maria Di Mastroyanno – a 69 year old grandma from Palermo, Italy is distraught with the news. She logs into Domaining.com every 10 minutes to read the latest updates on the Nelson “Halvarez” Brady scandal, that has rocked every domainer in this Italian town. Shaken by violent crimes in the past, Palermo now boasts a […]

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Halvarez has a new book in the works – Will it be a success?

The scoop in the domain circles has it that Nelson “halvarez” Brady is about to come up with a new book, describing his busy days as the VP of Engineering at Snapnames and his sleepless nights as Halvarez at the hidden backroom facility; where allegedly, all the shill bidding took place. Having been hired in […]

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