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Cybersecurity : Southern California Domainers meetup on March 30th

The Southern California Domainers Meetup is coming up on March 30th; the regular event welcomes locals from California, and anyone else willing to RSVP. Organized by domain investor and cybersecurity professional, Jason Thompson, the event is sponsored by the .XYZ Registry. This is the first event for the group in 2017, and they are excited […]

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Southern California Domainers : Gearing up for July meet-up

The Southern California Domainers meet-up is scheduled for Friday, July 24th in Los Angeles, California. With many domain investors calling California their home, the event aspires to bring together domain industry professionals for a social business meeting. The event is open to anyone that RSVP’s, not just locals! Event organizer Jason Thompson pointed out that […]

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