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Sedo on ‘holiday’ but it’s only Friday

Sedo cannot be reached currently at its support phone numbers. A recorded message greets callers with a “have a safe holiday” statement, something that confused us, naturally. Most working Americans don’t celebrate anything particular today, so here’s a look at what might be going on. September 14th is listed as: Cream-Filled Donut Day Eat a […]

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Why is Sedo closed today Monday after Easter?

Top domain marketplace, Sedo, is closed today Monday; something that might surprise many a hardworking domainer. Sedo is, however, a German company and as such the German tradition of observing Monday after Easter – also known as Ostermontag – as a holiday, is passed onto the American headquarters. Now that’s what we’d call a healthy […]

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Enjoy your long weekend!

On Monday it’s Martin Luther King Jr. day, and as such all businesses that observe the calendar of Federal holidays will be closed in the US. That includes banks, the US post office and major US corporations, including Sedo. So don’t get agitated if you witness a delay in responses as the Boston office of […]

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