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Uniregistry wins battle of finger-pointing among domain registrars in See.com case

When See.com got stolen for the first time, it was in the mid-2000’s; an Iranian hacker known for his social engineering skills infiltrated Network Solutions and gained control of it, temporarily. That time around, See.com owner, Mike Loucks, involved legal motions from his immediate family that are law professionals. In the recent escapade that involved […]

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Domain thieves continue to provoke while Registrars deny the owners basic rights!

A brazen Russian thief stole the domain name MLA.com and then fabricated an electronic exchange of a supposed Bitcoin sale. Despite owning this domain since the 90’s, Chicago professional Michael Lee has gone to extreme lengths, trying to prove this is his property. Internet BS, the registrar where the domain was moved to, refused to […]

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Alert: See.com is currently a stolen domain – Do not buy

Mike Loucks is familiar with the headaches arising from domain theft; his business domain, See.com, was stolen in the mid-2000’s by an Iranian hacker. Back then, See.com was hijacked while at Network Solutions, using a bit of social engineering. Loucks, whose immediate family are lawyers, used these resources to quickly reclaim the domain. He moved […]

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