Top 10 Reasons Why Your Next Domain Registration Will Likely Fail

You took a bathroom break was already registered. Balloon boy did not need to be saved after all.   Million dollar homepage went bankrupt two years ago, that lying bastard did not eat Toby and bonsai kitty never breathed from a straw in a jar. *hiccup* that *hiccup* reg *buuuuurp* was a *hiccup* drunk […]

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ICANN to reclaim all cussword domains – Party like it’s 1994

Pittsburgh, PA – The Unassociated Press It could not happen at a worse time; ICANN announced today that it’s amending its Letter of Authorization (LOA) to all Registries, including Verisign and PIR. The amendment revokes article BC1922/C/1995 that allows for the registration of domains which fall in the “cussword” category. In particular, article 7B of […]

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Domainer who registered sues Logitech

A domainer shocked that he did not register is suing keyboard manufacturer, Logitech, for $12 million dollars. Jose-Manuel Rodriguez del Pinto, a janitor at San Hermano Frisbee’s High School and part-time domain investor & minisite developer, filed a lawsuit early Thursday to seek compensation of $10 plus punitive damages of $11,999,990 from Logitech corporation. […]

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