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Investor Raden Haddock leaves Septik corporation with epic tweet

Raden Haddock, experienced domain investor and COO of Septik corporation, has left the company – via tweet. The message to Septik’s CEO, Sid Kraken, was heard loud and clear by domain investors who either approved or opposed the move. Said Haddock: “Dear friends, I am opposing Sid’s dick move to discriminate against new gTLDs, pushing […]

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Septik ConMan2010 conference an epic success

Despite double-digit attendance, the Septik ConMan2010 conference in Chicago was a complete success. The participants were treated nicely, with beer, salami and cheese sammiches being the delicacy of the day. An in-depth analysis of the “fear and loathing” related to domain parking kicked off the conference. Septik Corporation President and CEO, Sid Kraken addressed the […]

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ConMan Conference: pay for tickets with goat cheese or used socks!

With only a few days left until the next ConMan conference – sponsored by developer of nanosites, Septik Corporation – there is some big news that will please everyone planning to attend. According to an announcement by Septik Corporation CEO, Sid Kraken, the attendants can now finance their tickets to the conference using several alternate […]

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