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How to become an Expert Domainer despite having no clue what you’re doing

The fun part about domaining is that it resembles a Middle Eastern bazaar. Those that yell about their wares or other offers the loudest, end up attracting the endless hordes of lazy, shoe-shuffling crowds around them. A large percentage of people that indulge into domaining these days are also self-appointed “experts” in several fields: development, […]

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Bones of last End-User domain buyer found in Missouri

In what appears to be a sad discovery, the entire skeleton of the last surviving sample of Domainus Terminus – or “end user domain buyer” – has been recovered inside an old well in Hicksville, Missouri. Known for their nomadic lifestyle, large families of the Domainus Terminus species occupied most of the Great Plains of […]

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Depressed Domainers now have a friend in domain monetization

Hello my friends. I want your domains, and I’m also looking for a few select domainers that are caught in today’s financial doom and gloom. I’m not going to sugarcoat it for the squeamish among you, my friends. The domain economy is like the Big Depression of the 1930’s. We are in it for a […]

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